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Tasks implemented under the special-purpose subsidy
of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in 2022


Contract number: DHR.kor.070.1.2022 signed on April 21, 2022

The amount of the subsidy for 2022: PLN 9 837 000


Area1: Plant protection and reduction of risks associated with the spread of quarantine organisms and the use of plant protection products

Task 1.1. Monitoring and analysis of new phytosanitary risks from organisms harmful to plants
Task manager: Magdalena Gawlak, M.Sc.

Task 1.2. Optimization of methods for detection, monitoring and control of quarantine nematodes (Bursaphelenchus xylophilus) and its vector (Monochamus galloprovincialis) under environmental conditions in Poland
Task manager: Marek Tomalak, Prof.

Task 1.3. Maintaining an Online Pest Warning System
Task manager: Anna Tratwal, Ph.D.

Task 1.4. Developing and updating programs for integrated crop protection
Task manager: Marek Korbas, Prof.

Task 1.5. Updating and developing methodologies for Integrated Plant Management
Task manager: Przemysław Strażyński, Ph.D.

Task 1.6. Develop strategies to reduce the negative effects of plant protection on bees
Task manager: Paweł Węgorek, Prof.

Task 1.7. Analysis of plant protection product residues in agricultural crops from primary production and in groundwater and surface water near production sites
Task manager: Anna Nowacka, Ph.D.

Task 1.8. Conducting quality analyses of active substances and plant protection products for the official control of the marketing of plant protection products
Task manager: Joanna Rolnik, M.Sc.

Task 1.9. Risk analysis of the use of plant protection products
Task manager: Wojciech Śliwiński, M.Sc.

Task 1.10. Improvement of PIORiN control activity systems together with development of guidelines for conducting controls
Task manager: Tomasz Stobiecki, Ph.D.

Task 1.11. Dissemination and implementation of knowledge on integrated pest management
Task manager: Anna Pukacka, M.Sc.


Area 2: Protection and restoration of agricultural biodiversity

Task 2. Validation of assumptions and improvement of conservation program for common wheat, winter varieties in organic production system
Task manager: Jolanta Kowalska, Prof.


Area 3: Support the work related to the preparation of the CAP strategic plan for 2023–2027

Task 3. Support the work related to the preparation of the CAP strategic plan for 2023–2027
Task manager: Danuta Sosnowska, Prof.

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Contact details

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