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Within the Institute, there are also other units which support the scientific departments and perform research, as well as commercial and dissemination activities. The unique units in Poland are: Plant Disease Clinic and Bank of Pathogenes – they deliver services in the scope of identification of viral, bacterial and fungal diseases, and they also make  live cultures available for the needs of scientific research, and the Research Centre of Quarantine, Invasive and Genetically Modified Organisms, a modern facility fulfilling the highest standards of phytosanitary safety (SL3).

Research Centre for Registration of Agrochemicals (CBRA) is a certified IPP – NRI unit authorised to carry out research on the effectiveness of all kinds of plant protection products.

The structure of the Institute includes also the Expert Centre of Evaluation of Agrochemical Reports (ECORA), a unit authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to work out evaluation and comments to the documentation concerning the registration of plant protection products, active substances, safeners or synergists before they are introduced to the market and allowed to be used.

A division responsible for dissemination of the results of research conducted by the IPP – NRI scientists is the Department of Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination. It includes editorial offices of two scientific magazines and a library. The offer of this Department includes sales of publications, organization of postgraduate studies, conferences, trainings, as well as promotion of the activities of the Institute during numerous agricultural events in Poland.

Support in obtaining and implementing scientific projects is the scope of activities of the Projects Department. The unit cooperates with scientific and research staff in the scope of competition review, interpretation of guidelines, search for consortium members, preparation of application documents, reports and summaries. It cooperates with the Department of Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination in publishing information about projects and promoting their results.

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