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  • Plant protection product database

Plant Protection Product Database is a website that allows to search for specific information among 2,300 pesticides registered in Poland.

Currently the user can use one of four thematic modules: Pesticide, Herbicide selection, Active substances, Plant protection recommendations.

Pesticide module allows the user to obtain information about plant protection products that are registered and authorized for use by their trade names. Information about the selected pesticide contains its chemical composition, toxicity class and scope of application in terms of plant, pest, dose, withdrawal, prevention and recommended mixture (if any).

Herbicide selection module is an extension of the Pesticide module that focus on herbicide selection depending on the weed infestation spectrum of a specific crop.

Active substances module allows the user to obtain information about a selected substance (from a list of nearly 450 substances) in the form of a table listing: percentage, name of the pesticide, its type, toxicity to humans, scope of application (crop-agrophage) and mechanism of action of the active substance.

Plant protection recommendation module is based on the crop selection (from the list of almost 200 crops) and the agrophage that is being fought. The user receives a tabular overview of the pesticide with the recommended dosages of application.

All the modules are interlinked. The search results can be printed or saved as PDF file.




Contact: Szymon Konarski, M.Sc



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Contact details

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