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The Field Experimentation Laboratory (PDP) is responsible for conducting experiments for the purpose of registering plant protection products at the commission of their manufacturers in accordance with the Good Experimental Practice. From the very beginning, the Laboratory has been conducting research work in the area of agriculture:

  • Pre-registration testing of plant protection products.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness and phytotoxicity of plant protection products and analysis of the crops after their application.
  • Expert analyses, technical studies, trainings and lectures.
  • Implementation experiments of new plant protection methods.
  • Identification of weed species, evaluation of weed infestation of crops and development of control programmes.
  • Reduction of weed infestation in small-scale farms (buckwheat, lupine, mustard, sorghum).
  • Optimization of herbicide dosing in maize in north-eastern Poland.
  • Signalling aphid migrations in Podlaskie Voivodeship using the Johnson aspirator.
  • Health evaluation of wheat for infestation with Fusarium.
  • Improvement of methods of reducing fungal diseases, pests and weeds, including Integrated Plant Protection.

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Contact details

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