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  • Sośnicowice Branch Office


  • Studying the occurrence and control of fungal diseases of cereals with particular emphasis on stem brittleness and identification of Fusarium fungal species and other pathogenic fungi causing foot and leaf diseases
  • Conducting studies on the control of rape and maize pests
  • Studies on the possibility of combined use of reduced doses of herbicides
  • Studies on biological efficacy of plant protection products for registration purposes. It covers all groups of plant protection products: fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, biological agents and adjuvants, as well as plant growth and development regulators. We conduct tests on the mixes of all groups of plant protection products with other agrochemicals
  • Development research on the introduction of new or precisely targeted programmes for the protection of basic agricultural crops, taking into account, inter alia, cultivation elements, varied agrotechnical conditions, environmental and weather factors, sensitivity of varieties under increased pressure of pathogenic factors and pests
  • Investigating the possibility of combined application of agrochemicals
  • Conducting implementation or demonstration experiments using the latest plant protection technologies on production fields on large areas
  • Biological evaluation of the quality of plant protection products
  • Laboratory, greenhouse and field studies on phytotoxicity
  • Preparation of expert opinions on possible agricultural risks and crop losses caused by pathogens, pests, weeds or other environmental factors and consultations for agricultural practice on pathogen identification and diagnosis

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Contact details

Poland, 60-318 POZNAŃ, ul. Władysława Węgorka 20

phone no: +48 61 864 9000, fax: +48 61 867 63 01


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