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The Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute (IPP – NRI) is a public research unit supervised by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, established on January 24, 1951. The main office of IPP – NRI is located in Poznań and the Branch Office is in Sośnicowice. The Institute also runs three Regional Experiment Stations: in Białystok, Toruń and Rzeszów, as well as a Field Experiment Station and an Agricultural Experiment Station in Winna Góra (Wielkopolska).

The Institute of Plant Protection provides research, implementation, promotion, and other services within the area of plant protection in Poland. The IPP – NRI performs its tasks as part of its statutory activity, financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education; the Multiannual Programme, financed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and various domestic and foreign projects (grants).

The Institute conducts studies pertaining to biology, harmfulness and methods of pest control, scientific basis of integrated plant protection, plant protection in organic farming, systems supporting decisions on the need to perform treatments, residues and quality of plant protection products, as well as Pest Risk Assessments (PRA). The IPP – NRI units are prepared to conduct research required in the registration process of plant protection products, fertilizers and biostimulators, crop plants, qualitative analysis of crops and risk assessment of pest resistance to plant protection products.

There are a number of well-equipped research units, unique for Poland, operating within the Institute: the Plant Diseases Clinic and Bank of Pathogens – providing services in the field of identification of viral, bacterial and fungal diseases of plants, and the Research Centre of Quarantine, Invasive and Genetically Modified Organisms – a modern facility that meets the highest standards of phytosanitary safety (SL3). The following are the certified IPP – NRI units, authorized to conduct research on the effectiveness of all types of plant protection products: the Research Centre for Registration of Agrochemicals in Poznań and the Pesticide Efficacy Testing Department in Sośnicowice, where a modern laboratory testing the quality, originality and residues of plant protection products is also operating. Within the Regional Experimental Station in Białystok, operates the Food and Feed Safety Laboratory, which conducts studies mainly on the use of plant protection products in crops for the risk of contamination of crops and food products with residues. The Institute also operates the Expert Centre of the Evaluation of Agrochemical Reports.

The Institute closely cooperates with government institutions, domestic and foreign research and development units, as well as with agricultural advisory centres and agricultural producers.

The Institute is authorised to confer doctoral and postdoctoral degrees in agricultural sciences in the field of agricultural sciences, namely agriculture and horticulture, and to conduct the procedure to confer the title of professor of agricultural sciences. IPP – NRI organises doctoral and postgraduate programmes, scientific sessions, conferences, seminars, workshops and trainings.

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Contact details

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