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  • Field Experimental Station in Winna Góra

The Field Experimental Station of the IPP – NRI is located in village Winna Góra, in the eastern part of district and commune Środa Wielkopolska. It was established to substitute for the Field Experimental Laboratory of IPP in 2005, and than incorporated in the structure of the Department of Research of Plant Protection Products of the IPP in Poznań (currently: Research Centre for Registration of Agrochemicals).

The Field Experimental Station in Winna Góra possesses fields with the total area of 97.51 ha. Pre-registration, post-registration and commercial tests for plant protection products are carried out here, both in agriculture and partially in orchard and garden cultivation. The tests include the assessment of efficiency of combating illnesses, pests, weeds, efficiency of growth regulators, phytotoxicity of products on crops and  laboratory analysis of crops. The tests are ordered by external companies and by other departments of IPP – NRI.

The technical facilities of the Field Experimental Station in Winna Góra allow to conduct a whole range of experiments, from the choice of a post, through determination of parameters of sowing, fertilization, carrying out specialist spraying treatment, harvest, sampling and analysing, to carrying quality and quantity analyses of a crop.

The laboratory possesses modern equipment, among others a FOSS analyser meant to conduct comprehensive quality analysis of samples and a machine to assess the amount of waste which makes it possible to determine whether a batch of wheat of rye meets particular norms.

The following modern equipment is applied in works in the fields: six tractors with the power of 40–160 horsepower and agronomical machines compatibile with the tractors such as ploughs, cultivation units, seeders. The Station also possesses a seeder for precise sowing and self-propelled fertilizer. The harvest is ensured by two plot harvesters.

In 2018, the decision to purchase a sprinkler by was made, which should ensure even better conditions to conduct research.

As one of few in Poland, the Field Experimental Station possesses a professional post to wash sprayers which work in a closed cycle Biobed.

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Contact details

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