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  • Department of Virology and Bacteriology

The Department of Virology and Bacteriology has a very well developed research and development facilities at its disposal. In the building there is a modern greenhouse complex allowing to work in monitored conditions and high-class laboratories equipped with specialist research equipment.

Research and development equipment:

  • real-time PCR LightCycler 96 and 480 (Roche) ‒ real-time polimeraza chain reaction equipment,
  • Thermocouples (Biometra),
  • Qsep-100 DNA analyser (Bioptic) ‒ capillary RNA and DNA electrophoresis system
  • Low and high speed ultracentrifuges (Beckman Coulter), cooling centrifuges (Sigma)
  • laminar chambers (Esco, Alpina, Biosan),
  • freeze drying Alpha 1-4 LSC basic (Christ),
  • GenIII microbial identification system (Biologist),
  • Sartorius Stedim bioreactor (Biostat Aplus),
  • ELISA reader (BioTek).

Service offer:

  • crop monitoring for pathogens,
  • identification and diagnostics of viruses, bacteria (phytopathogenic, endophytic, soil bacteria), phytoplasms infesting crops and insect endosymbionts,
  • recommendations for management in case of plant infestation with viruses, bacteria and phytoplasms,
  • training in bacteriology,
  • organization of workshops for students on molecular biology techniques and electron microscopy for identification of plant viruses.

The Department of Virology and Bacteriology has a permit to operate a genetic engineering plant in which a closed use of genetically modified organisms classified in the second category of danger is carried out.


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Contact details

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phone no: +48 61 864 9000, fax: +48 61 867 63 01


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