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  • Department of Mycology


  • Evaluation of the infestation of grain/seed by fungi.
  • Identification of pathogenic fungi species and performing mycological expertise.
  • Determination of the content of mycotoxins produced by fungi of the genus Fusarium spp. in the delivered grain.
  • Performing tests on the presence of Plasmodiophora brassicae (clubroot) in the soil in order to determine the risk of this pathogen occurrence.
  • Assessment of the resistance of varieties of particular crop species to infestation by pathogens, including P. brassicae.
  • Preparation of plant protection programmes and recommendations for protection against diseases of economically important agricultural plant species.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of fungicides in field and laboratory conditions, including the performance of demonstration and implementation experiments of the market support type.

As part of dissemination activities, employees of the Department of Mycology:

  • provide training on:
    • phytopathology, covering in particular the occurrence, biology, harmfulness and methods of control economically important perpetrators of diseases in agricultural plants,
    • integrated pest management,
  • participate in the development of programmes and recommendations for the protection against diseases of economically important crops (atlases of agricultural plant diseases, integrated pest management methodologies, handbooks for signalling, plant protection programmes).


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Contact details

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