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  • Department of Weed Science and Plant Protection Techniques

Main research directions

  • Biology of weeds and changes in the structure of weed infestation resulting from climate change and changes in agrotechnology.
  • Studying the use of biostimulants, growth and development regulators, including retardants and biostimulants in crops.
  • Research on the resistance of weeds to herbicides and the development of strategies to prevent this phenomenon.
  • Improvement of weed control technology through optimization of chemical control of weed in crops.
  • Development of weed control programmes for small-scale agriculture.
  • Development of weed control programmes for legumes.
  • Regulation of weed infestation in crops cultivated using organic and integrated methods.
  • Studying the impact of adjuvants on the efficacy and selectivity of plant protection products.
  • Evaluation of the activity of herbicides, regulators and biostimulants in agricultural crops in terms of their effectiveness and selectivity.
  • Combined use of herbicides and growth and development regulators for plants and fertilisers.
  • Influence of the quality of water used for preparation of spray liquid on the effectiveness of herbicides.
  • Improvement of plant protection techniques and selection of technical parameters of spraying in terms of environmental safety and effectiveness of protective measures.

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Contact details

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