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  • Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Main research directions

  • Analysis of interactions between plants, pathogens (viruses and bacteria) and pests and of the capacity and molecular basis for the transmission of pathogens by plant pests (e.g. nematodes and insects).
  • Health and safety of pollinators:
    • studying the impact of biotic and abiotic stress on gene expression in pollinators,
    • characterisation of the pollinator microbiome (pathogens and symbionts).
  • The role of symbiotic bacteria in plant – pest interactions.
  • Studying the extent and molecular basis for the acquisition and spread of pesticide resistance in pests.
  • Testing plant reactions to abiotic (e.g. temperature) and biotic stress.
  • Studying natural and synthetic factors inducing plant growth and resistance, as well as the impact of chemical substances on plants and microorganisms.
  • Development of bacterial consortia with specified properties for integrated plant protection to protect plants against pests and increase yield, e.g. decomposition of herbicides, biological protection of plants against fungi and storage diseases, stimulating yield, facilitating the absorption of nutrients from the soil.
  • Identification and research on plant growth-promoting bacteria.
  • Development of molecular diagnostic methods for the detection, identification and differentiation of animal pests, including viruses, bacteria, nematodes, insects (based on PCR, real-time PCR, HRM and ddPCR) and identification of methods to combat and reduce their spread.

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Contact details

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phone no: +48 61 864 9000, fax: +48 61 867 63 01


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