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  • Department of Monitoring and Signalling Agrophages

Main research directions

  • Monitoring of developmental stages of pests for the purpose of warning and forecasting the need to use plant protection measures – Agrophage Signalling Platform.
  • Development, modernization and updating of methodologies for monitoring of short- and long-term forecasting of pests and assessment of their harmfulness.
  • Annual assessment of phytosanitary condition and economic importance of the most important pests of crops and forecast suggestions.
  • Studies on assessing the usefulness of mixed crops in accordance with the requirements of integrated protection.
  • Registration of timelines and dynamics of aphid migration for early warning of economically important species.
  • Studies on improvement of chemical warning against the most important diseases and agricultural pests.
  • Improvement of methods of forecasting the optimal chemical term for the control of selected pests in root crops.


Other research

  • Training in signalling and combating pests of agricultural plants.
  • Control over the proper functioning of the Agrophage Signalling Platform, constant updating of the observers' database, control over the archiving of the database from the monitoring of agrophages.
  • Improvement of methods of signalling of the most important agricultural diseases and pests.
  • Studies on the sub-lethal effect of Cry/Vip protein toxins on the viability of Agrotis exclamationis (L.).
  • Studies on sensitivity of larvae of Agrotis exclamationis L. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) to native strains of entomopathogenic nematodes.
  • Susceptibility testing of Oulema spp. larvae to native strains of entomopathogenic nematodes and in the commercial preparation of Larvan.
  • The influence of bacteria on the influence of plant ‒ insects in the Triticum aestivum Oulema melanopus system.



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Contact details

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