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Commercial Services in Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute

The Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute (IPP – NRI) is a state, scientific and research institution supervised by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, established on 24 January 1951. Apart from performing scientific and research activities, the Institute delivers services within the scope of plant protection in Poland and food and environment safety.

The services are delivered nationally: in the headquarters of the IOR – PIB situated in Poznań, in its branch in Sośnicowice, three Experimental Stations – in Białystok, Toruń and in Rzeszów, as well as in the Field Experimental Station and the Agricultural Experimental Station in Winna Góra (in the Great Poland province).

The services delivered by the Institute include:

  • testing the effectiveness of plant protection products and disinfectants,
  • testing the quality and originality of the plant protection products,
  • determination of plant protection product residues in crops, food, feed, soils and water,
  • determination of mycotoxins in crops and food,
  • identification of pests of crops and vegetables: causing viral, bacterial and fungal diseases, pests, weeds and storage pests,
  • expertises of poisoning of bees with plant protection products,
  • obtaining data from drones - precision agriculture,
  • identification of the damages caused by herbicides,
  • sales of isolates of plant pathogens (fungi and bacteria)
  • taking pictures of biological and chemical material by means of transmission (TEM) and scanning (SEM) microscope,
  • rental of modern greenhouse cabins, also for quarantine and genetically modified organisms.

Depending on the type of the services, they are delivered free of charge or against payment.

A significant element supporting the integrated production and plant protection in Poland is the Online Pest Warning System established in 2016. The Institute is its co-founder and administrator. The System constitutes a perfect tool supporting advisers and agriculture producers.

In Poznań, there is also a Hotel IOR – Congress Centre offering hotel services and rental of modern, air-conditioned conference rooms (possibility of simultaneous translation). The Institute has a great training base and outstanding specialists within the scope of plant protection. Thus, when needed, it can organize conferences, trainings and workshops.

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Contact details

Poland, 60-318 POZNAŃ, ul. Władysława Węgorka 20

phone no: +48 61 864 9000, fax: +48 61 867 63 01


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