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The Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute participates
in the EU 7th Framework Programme:

FP7-KBBE-2011-5, grant nr 289497,

Innovative strategies for copper-free low input and organic farming systems


The    project aims to develop innovative methods, tools and concepts for the replacement of copper in European organic and low input fruit, grapevine, potato and tomato production systems. Copper-free production systems will be achieved by providing alternative compounds, ‘smart’ application tools and integrating these tools into traditional and novel copper-free crop production systems. The copper-free production systems will be evaluated also with respect to agronomic, ecologic and economic performance. CO-FREE will develop strategies of breeding goals by development of crop ideotypes and evaluation of acceptance of novel disease-resistant cultivars by consumers and retailers.


The project beneficiaries are 21, from them 11 are Research and Development Units and 10 SME from the 10 European Union member countries namely France, Great Britain, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy,  Spain, Poland and one from Switzerland.  


The project coordinator in Poland is dr. hab. Jolanta Kowalska. The Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute is a main performer of subject within WP. 7., task 7.1.: Development of copper-free annual crops (potato) production systems. Results will be related with works of WP.4, WP.8., WP 9. and WP. 10 developed by other Research Institutes of consortium and IPP-NRI, also.


On January, 31 2012 a meeting of consortium representatives of each country took place in Germany in order to discuss a schedule of the project. The studies started in January, 2012 will be continued until June, 2016.


The link to the CO-FREE homepage is:


Dr. hab. Jolanta Kowalska
Department of Biological Methods


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Contact details

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