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  • Plant Diseases Clinic and Bank of Pathogens

The Plant Diseases Clinic Institute of Plant Protection – NRI in Poznań was established in March 2011 as one of the indicators of the project financed by European Union funds (WND-POIG.02.01.00-30-069/09-01) “Modernization of laboratories to increase the innovativeness of research in the field of plant protection and supporting economic development". The project was financed under: Measure 2.1 “Development of high research potential centres” Priority 2 “R&D infrastructure”, Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007–2013. In May, the Clinic obtained accreditation (AB 1435 certificate) for compliance with the PN-EN ISO 17025 standard.

The Plant Diseases Clinic offers commercial solutions for agricultural and horticultural producers, breeding companies and phytosanitary services. The Clinic is the only research facility in Poland that provides services in the field of detection and identification of various pathogens of vegetables and agricultural plants:

  • viruses and viroids, including accredited tests for cucumber mosaic virus and pepino mosaic virus using the RT-PCR technique;
  • bacteria, including an accredited test for the presence of phytopathogenic bacteria with biochemical confirmation (BIOLOG system, GEN III);
  • fungi and phytoplasm: using molecular methods.

In addition, the Clinic conducts studies on:

  • the effectiveness of measures used to reduce the occurrence of plant pathogens in closed rooms and measures to disinfect surfaces and tools;
  • differentiation of pathogen populations for the purpose of improving their diagnostics and breeding immune varieties;
  • disease pathogens in crop plants, collected at the IPP – NRI Bank of Pathogens.

High genetic diversity of the populations of some pathogen species prevents their detection using currently available methods, therefore it is necessary to develop new, sensitive techniques allowing for the detection of a wide spectrum of isolates. At the Clinic, we are developing modern diagnostic techniques based on molecular biology and biotechnology, that allow for the detection of various pathogen species often occurring in infested plants in low concentration. Our goal is also to implement the diagnostic techniques that can be applied directly in field and greenhouse conditions. We also study the application of short RNA molecules as innovative plant protection products against viruses.

Our passion is to conduct research on the improvement, development and implementation of modern diagnostic techniques which would allow to detect pathogens quickly and effectively and thus prevent their spread in the crops. We support and educate young researchers in this field by organizing workshops and trainings for MA and PhD students.

For more information on our services and activity, please visit the Plant Diseases Clinic website (, where, in addition to information on recent developments in the field of phytopathology, we also publish articles on plant pathogens in two versions: for practical application and for scientific application.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Contact details

Poland, 60-318 POZNAŃ, ul. Władysława Węgorka 20

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