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Prof. Dr. habil. Jerzy J. Lipa, FPAS & FPASL, professor

Department of Biological Pest Control
Institute of Plant Protection - NRI, Władysława Węgorka 20, 60-318 Poznan, Poland
Phones: +48 61 864 9078, 9074; +48 61 867 5051; Fax +48 61 867 6301;
E-mail: J.J.Lipa@iorpib.poznan.pl
E-mail: jjlipa@main.amu.edu.pl

Research areas
  • Biological control, invertebrate pathology, protozoology, plant quarantine
  • 1953 - B.Sc. Biology, Warsaw University;

  • 1957 - M.Sc. Parasitology, Warsaw University;

  • 1962 - Ph.D. Entomology, Poznan Agricultural University;

  • 1967 - D.Sc.(Dr. Habil.) Zoology, Poznan Agricultural University.

  • 1953 - 1957: Research Assistant; Laboratory of Agricultural Entomology, Institute of Plant Protection, Puławy

  • 1960 - 1965: Head; Laboratory of Biological Control, Institute of Plant Protection, Poznań;

  • 1967 - 1971: Associate Professor and Head, Department of Pest and Disease Control; Head of Laboratory of Biological Control, Institute of Plant Protection, Poznań;

  • 1972 - 1989: Professor and Head, Department of Pest and Disease Control; Head of Laboratory of Insect Pathology, Institute of Plant Protection, Poznań;

  • 1990 - 2002: Professor and Head, Department of Biological Control and Quarantine, Institute of Plant Protection, Poznań.

  • 2003 - present: Professor, Department of Biological Control and Quarantine, Institute of Plant Protection, Poznań

Foreign Experience
  • 1958 - 1959: Fellowship of the Rockefeller Foundation and Research Associate in Laboratory of Insect Pathology, Department of Biological Control, University of California, Berkeley (USA);

  • 1965 - 1966: Fellowship of the USSR Academy of Science; Visiting Scientist at: Institute of Zoology USSR Academy of Sciences in Leningrad; All Union Institute of Plant Protection in Leningrad;

  • Ukrainian Institute of Plant Protection in Kiev; Institute of Animal Morphology AN USSR in Moscow; State University in Irkutsk; Limnological Institute of AN USSR in Listvennichnaya at Baykal Lake; Biological Institute SO AN USSR in Novosibirsk; Agricultural and Forestry University in Voronezh;

  •  1989 (3 mos.): Visiting Scientist at SARH and International Center for Improvement of Maize and Wheat (CIMMYT), Mexico;

  •  1990 (5 mos.): Visiting Professor at Institute of Plant Protection, Agricultural Research Center of Finland in Jokioinen, and University of Helsinki (Finland);

  •  1992 (10 mos.): Visiting Professor at University of Cordoba, ETSIAM in Chair of Applied Entomology, Cordoba (Spain);

  •  1997 (6 mos): Visiting Professor at Universidad Publica de Navarra in Departamento Produccion Agraria, Pamplona (Spain).


Membership in Academies and Honorary Membership in Scientific Societies
  • 1980 - Honorary Member, Societas Entomologica Fennica

  • 1986 - Fellow, Academy of Zoology (India)

  • 1991 - Fellow, International Biographical Center (USA)

  • 1996 - Member, New York Academy of Sciences (USA)

  • 1996 - Honorary Member, Russian Entomological Society

  • 1997 - Foreign Member, Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

  • 1998 - Member, Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland)

  • 1998 - Honorary Member, Polish Entomological Society

  • 1999 – Member, Georgian Academy of Ecological Sciences

  • 1999 – Member, Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry

  • 2000 – Member, Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences

  • 2000 – Member, Polish Academy of Science and Letters

Positions in International and National Organizations and Societies
  • 1962 – until present - Member and from 1996 Chairman, Plant Protection Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences;

  • 1969 -1986 - Member, FAO and WHO Panel of Experts on Integrated Pest Control ;

  • 1969 -1986 - Member, FAO and WHO Panel of Experts on Integrated Pest Control ;

  • 1973 -1990 - National Coordinator, Biological and Integrated Plant Protection Programme

  • 1974 -1982 - Vice President, International Organization of Biological Control (IOBC/EPRS);

  • 1982 -1989 - Vice-President, Polish Entomological Society;

  • 1983 - present - Council Member, International Organization of Biological Control (IOBC/EPRS);

  • 1991 - 2001 - Member, Editorial Committee, Biocontrol Science and Technology.

  • 1995 – 1999 - Associate Editor, Journal of Plant Protection Research

  • 1996 – present - Associate Editor, Progress in Plant Protection/Postępy Ochrony Roślin;

  • 1996 – 2000 - Editor, Annual of Agricultural Sciences, Series E - Plant Protection

  • 1996 –2000 - Chairman, Scientific Council of the Institute of Plant Protection, Poznan

  • 1996 – present - Chairman, Scientific Council of the Research Centre for Agricultural and Forest Environment of the Polish Academy of Sciences

  • 1996 – present - Chairman, Scientific Council of the Research Centre for Agricultural and Forest Environment of the Polish Academy of Sciences

  • 2000 – present - Editor, Journal of Plant Protection Research

  • 2001 – present – Editor, Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences – Biological Sciences

National and International Orders, Medals, Prizes and Awards
  • 1962 - Silver Cieszkowski Medal from Poznan Agricultural University for outstanding Ph.D. thesis

  • 1967 - Prize of Polish Academy of Sciences for outstanding monograph "Gregarines (Gregarinomorpha) of Arthropods in Poland"

  • 1966, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1987,1996 - Certificates of Appreciations awarded by the USDA (Washington, USA) for successful completion of research projects under PL-480,

  • 1971 - Silver Cross of Merit (from the President of Poland)

  • 1974 - Medal of IUPAC Congress in Helsinki (Finland),

  • 1976 - Prize of Ministry of Science, Education and Technology for implementation of biological control into greenhouse crop protection systems in Poland,

  • 1978 - Prize of Ministry of Agriculture for implementation of use of microbial insecticides in crop protection in Poland;

  • 1983 - Gold Medal of Merit for initiation of production of biopesticides in Poland,

  • 1984 - Medal of Distinguished Service for Polish Agriculture (from the Minister in Poland),

  • 1984 - Cavalier’s Cross of the Order Polonia Restituta (from the President of Poland),

  • 1984 - Medal of XL Years of the Polish Peoples Republic (from the President of Poland),

  • 1987 - Residence (2 months) at the Rockefeller Study and Conference Center, Bellagio, Italy,

  • 1989 - Gold Medal of Merit for services to environmental protection (from the Minister of Protection of Environment),

  • 1996 - Prize of Minister of Agriculture and Food Economy for scientific development of biopesticide based on entomoparasitic nematode

Participation in international programs and research grants
  • 1960-1965 – The nature of infectious processes caused by Protozoa in insects. USDA Grant FG-Po-112/E21-Ent-6 – project leader

  • 1966-1971 – Studies on interactions of various pathogens in one insect host (cutworms). USDA Grant FG-Po-194. – project leader

  • 1969-1974 – Survey and study of insects associated with cruciferous plants in Poland and surrounding countries. USDA Grant FG-Po-248/E21-Ent-26 – project leader

  • 1972-1975 – Interaction of spore-forming bacteria and viruses in noctuids. USDA Grant Fg-Po-279/E21-Ent-29 – project leader

  • 1980-1986 – Survey and study of pathogens of stored product insects and their possible use in biological control. USDA Grant J-MOA/USDA-12/PL-ARS-89 – project leader

  • 1981-1985 – Studies of entomopathogenic microorganisms and elaboration of their production and practical use. COMECON Program SEV I.12.V – program leader

  • 1995-1997 – Implementation of biological methods in plant protection in glasshouses in order to increase supply of healthy food. Grant USDA/USE-9 – project leader

  • 1995-1997 – Biological control of the Colorado potato beetle in Poland. USDA Grant SCA 58-0101-6-F020 – project leader

Current Research Areas

The objectives of the current research are: (1) to determine the impact of various entomopathogenic protozoans, viruses and spiroplasmas on populations of plant pests; (2) to evaluate the interactions between microbial pesticides, parasitoids and beneficial insects; (3) to develop a practical, efficient, environmentally acceptable and economical insect pest management system for cultivated plants, stored product pests, and park and forest trees.


A total list of publications includes 890 titles, among them are 222 research papers, 33 books or chapters, 619 technical and popular articles, 16 translated, adapted or edited books Selected Research Papers:

Selected Books & Book Chapters
  • Lipa, J.J. 1963. Infections caused by Protozoa other than Sporozoa. pp.335-361.In "Insect Pathology: An Advanced Treatise" (E. A. Steinhaus, ed.). vol. 2. Academic Press, New York.

  • Lipa, J.J. 1971. Microbial control of mites and ticks.pp. 357-373. In "Microbial Control of Insects and Mites" (H.D. Burges, N.W. Hussey,eds.). Academic Press, London.

  • Lipa, J.J. 1975. An Outline of Insect Pathology. USDA, Springfield, USA, 269 pp.

  • Lipa, J.J., Studzinski, A., Malachowska, D. 1977. Insect and Mites Associated with Cultivated and Weedy Cruciferous Plants in Poland and Central Europe. PWN, Warszawa, 364 pp.

  • Lipa, J.J. 1985. History of biological control in protected culture. Eastern Europe. pp. 23-29. In "Biological Pests Control the Glasshouse Experience" (N.W. Hussey, N. Scopes, eds.). Blandford Press, Pole-Dorset, 240 pp.

  • Hackett, K.J., Lipa, J.J. 1996. Mollicutes associated with the Chrysomelidae. In "Chrysomelidae Biology" (P.H.A. Jolivet, M.L. Cox, eds.). SPB Academic Publ., Vol. 2: 139-146.

  • Lipa, J.J. 1998. World Survey: Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Unio.n. Pp. 216-231. In "Insect Viruses and Pest Management" (F. R. Hunter-Fujita, P.F. Entwistle, H.F. Evans, N.E. Crook, eds.). Wiley, Chichester, 620 pp.

  • Lipa, J.J., Smits, P.H. 1999. Microbial control of pests in greenhouses. pp. 295-309. In "Integrated Pest and Diseases Management in Greenhouse Crops" (R. Albajes, M.L. Gullino, J.C. van Lenteren, Y. Elad, eds.). Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordercht, 545 pp.

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Contact details

Contact details

Poland, 60-318 POZNAŃ, ul. Władysława Węgorka 20

phone no: +48 61 864 9000, fax: +48 61 867 63 01

e-mail: sekretariat@iorpib.poznan.pl

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