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Plant Protection Conference – important changes

Due to Covid-19 resurgence, the organizers of the Plant Protection Conference – 62nd Scientific Session of the Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute have opted to hold the event fully in the virtual mode. Session participation will be free, and conference event streaming will be accessible online to anyone who is interested.

“The decision was hard but necessary, in our view, given the surge in Covid case numbers and another pandemic wave in the offing. Therefore, for the safety of speakers, participants and organizers, we chose the virtual mode as the best option available under the circumstances. However, to encourage the most people to participate in the Conference, which will cover issues of vital importance for the future of Polish agriculture, we have decided to waive all participation fees and provide free access to anyone interested”, explains Ph.D. Roman Kierzek, IPP – NRI Professor and acting Head of the Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute.

All you need to do to take part in the Plant Protection Conference free of charge is to either:

– register at and participate on our platform,

– or simply follow our streamed event on the Facebook and YouTube channels of the IPP – NRI.

Registered participants will be provided with individual accounts with which to log onto the Conference platform. This will allow them to follow and actively participate in deliberations in any room of their choice, ask questions during discussion panels, and view posters presented during the Conference. The platform will also allow you to create chatrooms, both for one-to-one talks and for groups wishing to exchange views, e.g. on a specific presentation.

Although the participants who choose to watch the event on a social channel will not be able to speak during debates, they will be able to follow them in their entirety. No posters will be presented on such channels.

We will continue to accept posters and presentation submissions until January 7, 2022 through


Refunds will be provided to anyone who has paid to participate in the hybrid conference.

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