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Plant Protection Conference – 62nd Scientific Session of the Institute of Plant Protection – NRI

The Plant Protection Conference – 62nd Scientific Session organized by the Institute of Plant Protection – the National Research Institute (IPP – NRI) will be held on February 16–18, 2022. Due to Covid restrictions, we have opted for a hybrid format. We plan to kick off the event with a grand opening on February 16, 2022 at 10:00 in the IOR Congress Center in Poznań.

The main theme of the conference: “The European Green Deal and the Future of Plant Protection”, is a direct reference to the European Union’s new development strategy, which sets out to achieve climate neutrality across the Union by 2050. Along the road towards accomplishing this goal, various sectors of the economy, including agriculture, will inevitably encounter serious challenges. The Plant Protection Conference, which brings together members of the scientific community and agricultural practitioners, provides a perfect opportunity for an objective matter-of-factly debate on the opportunities and threats faced by Polish agriculture with the adoption of two key EU strategies dedicated to transforming agriculture: Farm to Fork and Biodiversity.

“Their primary goal is to make agriculture sustainable, reduce reliance on pesticides and fertilizers, boost the production of healthy food and protect the environment. These strategies also set the course for improving plant protection generally and in organic in particular, by biological means, while duly addressing pest resistance of plant protection products. Use will also be made of precision agriculture, digitization and robotization. These, however, are not the only focal points of our extensive agenda of scientific presentations on current research as well as lectures and discussion panels during the upcoming Plant Protection Conference, to which I cordially invite you today. You may now register as conference participant”, says Assoc. Prof. Roman Kierzek, acting Director of the Institute of Plant Protection National Research Institute.

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Participation fees:

  • on-line participation fee: 350 PLN
  • regular participation fee: 800 PLN

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