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The 70th anniversary of the Institute of Plant Protection – NRI

On 2 September, at the IOR Hotel & Congress Centre in Poznań, a ceremony was held on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Institute of Plant Protection – NRI. In addition to the speeches of the invited guests, readings of congratulatory letters and the presentation of awards, an important element of the meeting was the presentation of the jubilee stamps issued on this occasion by the Polish Post. 
The celebrations of the 70th anniversary of IPP – NRI were opened by the Director of the Institute – Prof. Marek Mrówczyński, who referring to the history of the establishment of the IPP in the context of the emergence of the Colorado potato beetle in Poland, especially in Greater Poland – introduced the directions of the Institute's development taking into account the challenges posed by the new guidelines of the “European Green Deal”. The rest of the ceremony was led by Prof. Grzegorz Skrzypczak, who also read the congratulatory letter from Przemysław Czarnek – Minister of Education and Science.
The letter of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Grzegorz Puda, was read by the Director of the Department of Environment and Climate at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Nina Dobrzyńska. It emphasised the importance of the Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute for Polish agriculture and the important role that the Institute played at the time of Poland's accession to the European Union, when it was necessary to adapt Polish agriculture to the regulations in force in the EU. The letter also appreciated the current activities of the Institute: monitoring of threats to crops and disseminating this knowledge through the Online Pest Warning System, the importance of research on residues of plant protection products in agricultural products and food as well as the development of new methods of integrated protection adapted to the current regulations and availability of plant protection products.
The speech by the President of the Council for Agriculture and Rural Areas to the President of the Republic of Poland, Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, was an analysis of the challenges that the “European Green Deal” poses for Polish citizens, but also European agriculture and the related restrictions in the use of plant protection products as well as the necessity for increasing the acreage of organic farming. Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski pointed out the significant threats to the efficiency of crops carried out in accordance with the assumptions of the new EU strategies. He also emphasised the importance of the analyses carried out at the IPP – National Research Institute, which allow for the rational chemical treatment of crops.
The representative of the Wielkopolska Voivode, Deputy Director of the Infrastructure and Agriculture Department – Zbigniew Król, agreed with the theses presented by the previous speaker and handed over a letter from the Wielkopolska Voivode, Michał Zieliński.
The last speech was a paper by the Deputy Director of IPP – NRI for scientific and research – Ph.D. Roman Kierzek, Prof. IPP – NRI, and the Scientific Secretary of the IPP – NRI – Ph.D. Kinga Matysiak, Prof. IPP – NRI, Fri. “Institute of Plant Protection – NRI yesterday, today and tomorrow. Future directions of plant protection”. The lecture was delivered by Ph.D. Roman Kierzek, Prof. IPP – NRI, which presented milestones in the history of the Institute and the directions which the research conducted in the unit will focus on in the coming years, i.e. innovative methods of identifying pests using molecular techniques, induced resistance, precision farming, modern methods of crop monitoring, development of intelligent decision support systems, etc.
The highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of state and departmental decorations to 43 employees of the Institute of Plant Protection – NRI. Then, Prof. Marek Mrówczyński presented and handed over to the representatives of institutions cooperating with the Institute the occasional postage stamps issued by Polish Post on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Institute of Plant Protection – NRI.
The official part of the ceremony was concluded with the speeches of the guests combined with the handing over to the Director, Prof. Marek Mrówczyński, congratulatory letters and occasional gifts. Representatives of the Agricultural Advisory Centres also awarded Prof. Marek Mrówczyński the medal “Meritorious for Agricultural Advisory.”
After the official part, in the green areas of the Institute of Plant Protection – NRI, there was a picnic and a visit to the Institute.

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