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Participation in international programs and research organisations
  • Eastern Palearctic Section of the International Organization for Biological and Integrated Control of Noxious Animals and Plants (IOBC) 
    (Prof. Dr. habil. J.J. Lipa, Prof. Dr. habil. M. Tomalak, Prof. Dr habil. J. Ziemnicka, Prof. Dr. habil. D. Sosnowska)

  • COST 850 Biocontrol Symbioses (2001 - 2006)  
    (Prof. Dr habil. M. Tomalak)

  • COST E39 Forests, Trees, and Human Health and Well-being (2004 - 2008)  
    (Prof. Dr habil. M. Tomalak)

  • European Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) - Panel: Safe use of Biological Control 
    (Prof. Dr. habil. J.J. Lipa)

  • European Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) - Panel: Plant Quarantine Information 
    (E. Pagowska)

  • International Phytosanitary Portal (IPP) - Support Group for the International Plant Protection Convention Secretariat (FAO) 
    (E. Pagowska)

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