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Currant research projects
  • Institute of Plant Protection: BMK – 01 [Improvement of strains and application technology of entomopathogenic nematodes and bacteria in order to broaden the use of biological methods in plant protection.]  
    (Prof. Dr. habil. M. Tomalak, Dr. J. Kowalska, B. Plonka)

  • Institute of Plant Protection: BMK – 02 [Development of strategy for improvement of baculovirus efficacy in agricultural and greenhouse crops]  
    (Prof. Dr. habil. J. Ziemnicka, Dr. A. Jakubowska, B. Plonka)

  • Institute of Plant Protection: BMK - 03 [Evaluation of effects of microorganisms and entomophagous insects and spider mites on populations of insect pests of field and greenhouse cultures, trees, and stored products]  
    (Prof. Dr. habil. J.J. Lipa, Prof. Dr. habil. D. Sosnowska, Z. Fiedler, L. Lopatka, R. Wojciechowska

  • Institute of Plant Protection: BMK – 05 [Phytosanitary risk caused by quarantine organisms - unification of Polish low regulations with requiremets of EU, EPPO and FAO]  
    (Prof. Dr habil. J.J. Lipa, E. Pagowska)

  • Institute of Plant Protection: BMK – 06 [Development of methods of taxonomic identification and evaluation of potential threat of pine wood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus to Poland] 
    (Prof. Dr. habil. M. Tomalak, B. Plonka)

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