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Head of the Department:
Prof.  Tadeusz Praczyk, Ph.D.
phone: +48 61 864 9082
e-mail: T.Praczyk@iorpib.poznan.pl


Head: Prof.  Tadeusz Praczyk, Ph.D.

Scientists, engineers and technicians

Katarzyna Marcinkowska, Ph.D.
phone: +48 61 864 9127
e-mail: K.Marcinkowska@iorpib.poznan.pl

Ewa Jakubiak, M.Sc.
phone: +48 61 864 9138
e-mail: E.Baczkowska@iorpib.poznan.pl

Agnieszka Kalinowska, M.Sc.
phone: +48 61 864 9127
e-mail: A.Kalinowska@iorpib.poznan.pl

Magdalena Kropaczewska, M.Sc.
phone: +48 61 864 9127
e-mail: M.Kropaczewska@iorpib.poznan.pl

Adrian Luboiński, M.Sc.
phone: +48 61 864 912744
e-mail: A.Luboinski@iorpib.poznan.pl

Patrycja Tomczak, M.Sc.
phone: +48 61 864 9127
e-mail: P.Tomczak@iorpib.poznan.pl

Adam Warkoczewski, M.Sc.
phone: +48 61 864 912744
e-mail: A.Warkoczewski@iorpib.poznan.pl

Danuta Wyrzykowska, M.Sc.
phone: +48 61 864 9144
e-mail: D.Wyrzykowska@iorpib.poznan.pl



Head: Romuald Gwiazdowski, Ph.D.
phone:  +48 61 864 9106
e-mail: R.Gwiazdowski@iorpib.poznan.pl

Scientists, engineers and technicians

Krzysztof Kubiak, Ph.D.
phone:  +48 61 864 9126
e-mail: K.Kubiak@iorpib.poznan.pl

Amelia Bednarek-Bartsch, M.Sc.
phone:  +48 61 864 9105
e-mail: A.Bednarek@iorpib.poznan.pl

Beata Danielewicz, M. Sc.
phone:  +48 61 864 9123

e-mail: B.Danielewicz@iorpib. poznan.pl

Grażyna Filoda, M.Sc.
phone: +48 61 864 9104
e-mail: G.Filoda@iorpib.poznan.pl

Mrs. Magdalena Grajewska
phone:  +48 61 864 9105
e-mail: M.Grajewska@iorpib.poznan.pl

Mr. Zbigniew Naleziński
phone:  +48 61 864 9136
e-mail: Z.Nalezinski@iorpib.poznan.pl



Head: Pankracy Bubniewicz, Ph.D.

Winna Góra 13, 63-013 Szlachcin
Phone: +48 61 287 13 12
e-mail: winnagora@iorpib.poznan.pl

Scientists, engineers and technicians

Marcin Bombrys, M.Sc.
Przemysław Kardasz, M.Sc.

Mrs. Zofia Bigosińska
Mrs. Maria Wojtyś
Mrs. Małgorzata Szymczak
Mr. Paweł Kruk
Mr. Rafał Nowaczyk

Spectrum of research activities

1. Evaluation of biological efficacy of crop protection products to satisfy  or meet registration requirements in the Republic of Poland and  European Union.

  • Evaluation of biological efficacy of plant protection products (fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, nematocides, moluscocides, plant growth regulators, repellents, rodenticides, talpicides, viruscides, adjuvants in agricultural crop protection.
  • Studies on phytotoxicity of plant protection products to crops.
  • Investigation on the effect of pesticides on successive crops.
  • Development of risk analyses for acquired resistance of agrophages to plant protection products.

2. Investigation of the influence of diversified plant protection methods on yield quality of cereal and rape crops.

3. Assessment of useful entomofauna and pollinators in integrated plant production technologies.

4. Development of pest control programmes for cereals, rape and legumes against new pest species.

5. Studies on  the control of corn smuts (Ustilago maydis, Sphacelothea reiliana).

6. Evaluation of the effect of  pathogenic fungi on agricultural plants and mycotoxin content in grain.

7. Studies on the effect of fungicide treatments on mycotoxin content in cereal grain.


Major accomplishments

  • Implementation of the “Good Experimental Practice” (GEP) system for evaluation of pesticide efficacy for registration purposes

  • Implementation of the  international electronic documentation system for pesticide registration  research  (Agricultural Research Manager).

  •  Development of integrated crop  protection methods (publication of books and atlases).

  • Development of field inoculation techniques for pathogenic fungi (Fusarium spp., Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, Septoria spp., Alternaria  spp., Botrytis cinerea).

  •  Advising and training in the range  of plant protection..

  • Establishment of the laboratory for mycotoxin analysis with the use of HPLC methodology.

  • Participation in research and investment projects founded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the European Union.

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Contact details

Contact details

Poland, 60-318 POZNAŃ, ul. Władysława Węgorka 20

phone no: +48 61 864 9000, fax: +48 61 867 63 01

e-mail: sekretariat@iorpib.poznan.pl

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