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Scientists, engineers and technicians

Anna Tratwal, Ph.D. Hab.
phone: +48 61 864 9075

Magdalena Jakubowska, Ph.D.
phone: +48 61 864 9143
phone: +48 61 864 9069

Kamila Roik, M.Sc.
phone: +48 61 864 9120

Beata Wielkopolan, M.Sc.
phone: +48 61 864 9120

Mrs. Antonina Grześkowiak
phone: +48 61 864 9069
phone: +48 61 864 9070
phone: +48 61 864 9018


   The  goal of  modern agriculture is cost-effective and environmentally friendly production of high quality food. The control of noxious agrophages seems to be one of the farmer’s main  activities in order  to maintain the productivity, quality and profit of agricultural production. Considering chemical control, there are two important factors, namely pesticide spectrum and determination of optimal timing of pesticide application including economical aspects. Following these principles is the best way to minimize possible side effects on the environment. The range of the Department’s research includes all the above mentioned goals .


Range of research conducted and work

  • Developing, modifying  and up-dating methodologies for agrophages’ monitoring considering short- and long-term forecasting and  impact assessment of economically important agrophages.

  • Evaluation of crop phytosanitary conditions in Poland, based on countrywide monitoring economically important agrophages in  collaboration with the  Plant Health and Seed Inspection.

  • Studies to determine virulence frequency of important fungal diseases and entomofauna impact in mixed crop for the requirements of early warning systems.

  • Registering flight dates and migration dynamics of aphids with the aid of Johnson’s aspirator for early warning systems for economically important aphids’ species.

  • Monitoring developmental stages of agrophages for regional warning systems to ensure effectiveness of plant protection treatments – the Internet service of “Agrophages’ monitoring system”.

  • Training and counselling in the area of agrophages’ warning systems and their control in agricultural crops.

  • Analyses of cost-effectiveness of chemical protection under different cultivation technologies.

  • Development of electronic versions for Decision Support System programmes in plant protection and their extension  and implementation in agricultural practice.

  • Developing and updating the Internet website of IOR – PIB.

  • Development, adaptation to Polish conditions, and dissemination of  new Decision Support Systems for plant protection.

Main achievements

  • Development of short-term forecasting methods (nearly 60) for agrophages and their environmental impact assessment.

  • Development of scientific bases for cereal pest warning system – cereal leaf beetles (Oulema spp.) and gal midge (Haplodiplosis equestris).

  • Development of methods for forecasting and warning systems, and determination of the optimal timing for the control of cutworms in beat crops cereal leaf miners.

  • Determination of the influence of intervarietal and intraspecies mixtures of cereals and the reduction of fungal diseases and pest occurrence.

  • Development of a computer programme and  Internet service for “Agrophages’ warning systems” in agricultural crops, and including teaching programme.

  • Analysis of changes in seasonal and long-term aphid flights in the areas surrounding  Poznań and Sośnicowice.

  • Increase in the number of aphid monitoring sites within the territory of Poland due to installation of Johnson’s aspirators located in Regional  Experimental Stations of IPP – NRI.

  • Monograph (issued annually) on the analysis of phytosanitary state of agricultural crops in Poland with consideration of forecasts for the next year – useful for studying, teaching (libraries, agricultural colleges) and agricultural practice (policy makers, advisers, plant protection product distributors).

  • Monographs “Cereal protection guide” and “Rape protection guide”.

  • Training and counselling in the scope of agrophages’ warning systems for the purpose of determining plant protection performance – the Internet website of IPP – NRI.

  • Cooperation with the Plant Health and Seed Inspection – development of recommendations and inspectors, training in the range of agrophages, monitoring.

  • Development of Plant Protection Recommendations available on-line.

  • Validation of NegFry –  a  Decision Support System for potato crop protection against potato late blight.

  • Development of an Internet service for potato late blight (Phytophthora infestans) warning system in collaboration with Regional Agriculture Consulting Centres, the Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute – Bonin, the Research Centre for Cultivar Testing  and regional  Inspectorates of Plant Health and Seed Inspection.

  • Development of an Internet service for brown rust (Puccinia recondita) warning systems on  winter wheat, triticale and rye in collaboration with the Research Centre for Cultivar Testing.

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Contact details

Contact details

Poland, 60-318 POZNAŃ, ul. Władysława Węgorka 20

phone no: +48 61 864 9000, fax: +48 61 867 63 01


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