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Head of the Department:
Asst. Prof. Jolanta Kowalska, Ph.D.
phone: +48 61 864 9077
fax: +48 61 864 6301
e-mail: J.Kowalska@iorpib.poznan.pl

Scientists, engineers and technicians

Prof. Piotr Grzesiak, Ph.D., D. Sc.
phone:  +48 61 864-9131
e-mail: Grzesiak@iorpib.poznan.pl

Asst. Prof. Janusz Rosada, Ph.D.
phone:  +48 61 864-9053
e-mail: J.Rosada@iorpib.poznan.pl

Asst. Prof. Dorota Remlein-Starosta, Ph.D.
phone: +48 61 864 9048
e-mail: D.Starosta@iorpib.poznan.pl

Katarzyna Nijak, M.Sc.
phone:  +48 61 864 9052
e-mail: K.Nijak@iorpib.poznan.pl

Joanna Krzymińska, M.Sc.
phone:  +48 61 864 9052

e-mail: J.Krzyminska@iorpib.poznan.pl

Tadeusz Hłyń, M.Sc.
phone:  +48 61 864-9122
e-mail: T.Hlyn@iorpib.poznan.pl

Mrs. Lidia Łopatka
phone:  +48 61 864 9052
e-mail: L.Lopatka@iorpib.poznan.pl

Mrs. Hanna Ratajczak
phone:  +48 61 864-9122
e-mail: H.Ratajczak@iorpib.poznan.pl


Spectrum of research activities

  • Organic farming research development.

  • Influence of industry and agricultural treatments on agricultural environment (including plant health and pest occurrence).

  • Industrial areas reclamation.

  • Farming technique and biostimulants application.

  • Evaluation of influence of plant protection treatments on biodiversity.

Major accomplishments

  • Organic crop, organic fruit trees and organic herbal crops protection methods.

  • Application of beneficial microorganisms, plant extracts, microbiological biostimulants and other natural substances.

  • Authorized substances application for organic farming extension.

  • Evaluation of the influence of farming techniques tactics on beneficial insects and yield.

  • Basic bioenergy plants protection scheme.

  • Methods for agricultural reclamation of areas impacted by industrial emissions.

  • Soil and plant contamination in industrial areas database.

  • Laboratory of Environmental Analyses: methods for determination of micro- and macroelements content in soil and plants.


The Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection includes Laboratory of Environmental Analysis accredited by PCA (Polish Centre for Accreditation) for AB 1281 to analyse soil and crops (ID codes C/1, C/9), using ET-AAS, F-AAS, HG-AAS, FIA and NCS techniques.

It conducts commercial monitoring of heavy metals in plants and soil (arsenic, cadmium, copper, nickel, lead, zinc), micro- and macroelements (N, C, S, P, K, Mg, Mn, Ca) and anion forms (including N-NO3, N-NO2, N-NH4).

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Contact details

Contact details

Poland, 60-318 POZNAŃ, ul. Władysława Węgorka 20

phone no: +48 61 864 9000, fax: +48 61 867 63 01

e-mail: sekretariat@iorpib.poznan.pl

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