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Head of the Department:
Prof. Marek Korbas, Ph.D., D.Sc.
phone: + 48 61 864 9101

Scientists, engineers and technicians

Joanna Horoszkiewicz-Janka, Ph.D.
phone: + 48 61 864 9125

Ewa Jajor, Ph.D.
phone: + 48 61 864 9125

Katarzyna Pieczul, Ph.D.
phone: + 48 61 864 9023

Ilona Świerczyńska, M.Sc.
phone: + 48 61 864 9125

Agnieszka Perek, M.Sc.
phone: + 48 61 864 9023

Jakub Danielewicz, M.Sc.
phone: + 48 61 864 9023

Mrs. Hanna Breś
phone: + 48 61 864 9036

Mrs. Alina Stachowiak
phone: + 48 61 864 9036

Mr. Jędrzej Krzymiński
phone: + 48 61 864 9132


Spectrum of research activities

1. Research projects supported by statutory regulations

  • Occurrence, development and economic impact  of fungi from the genius Fusarium producing mycotoxins in cereal crops as dependent on the system of cultivation.
  • Influence of simplified cultivation technology  in oilseed rape on the occurrence of casual agents of disease.
  • Significance of fungi from genera  Rhizoctonia and Helminthosporium which incite diseases of the stem base and root system in cereals.
  • Incidence, economic impact, and the control of fungal diseases in  lupine, pea and faba bean  crops.
  • Incidence, threat and the control of diseases of maize with  consideration of new pathogens in the region of Central Poland.
  • Incidence, economic impact, and genetic diversity of Plasmodiophora brassicae (club   root disease) on oilseed rape plants.
  • Genetic bases of resistance to fungicides in selected pathogens of cultivated plants.

2. Research projects supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Accomplishments :

  • Evaluation of genetic diversity and resistance to fungicides  of causal agents of eyespot disease – Taplesia yalundae and T. acuformis.
  • Evaluation of genetic diversity and resistance of Cercospora beticola to fungicides.

In progress:

  • Identification of sources of resistance to club root and dry-rot of cabbage in mutants of Brassica napus and intraspecific hybrids within the genius Brassica –   Collaborative research studies conducted by The Institute of Plant Genetics of Polish Academy of Sciences, Poznań University of Life Sciences and the Department of Mycology of IPP – NRI in Poznań.
  • Identification of resistance genes to eyespot disease and their introduction  into wheat plant genome – Collaborative research studies conducted by the Institute of Plant Genetics of Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznań and the Department of Mycology of IPP – NRI in Poznań.

3. Other research work:

  •  Identification and utilization of natural products, characterized by different mechanisms of action (resistance stimulators, growth and development stimulators, fungistatics) in crop protection of cultivated plants in organic farming.
  • Resistance of cultivars of  diverse species of cultivated plants to casual agents of disease.
  • Strategies for protection of cereal ears against Fusarium ear blight and determination of mycotoxin content in cereal grain caused by Fusarium spp.
  •  Genetic diversity of selected pathogen species occurring on cultivated plants.
  • Mycological analyses of plant material (horticultural, agricultural and other cropping systems ) in the area of advisory services (including cooperation with plant breeders, the Poznań Palm House, etc.).

Major accomplishments

  • Development of complex programmes for agricultural crop protection against diseases.

  • Description of epidemiology of eyespot disease  throughout Poland.

  • Introduction of molecular techniques for identification of casual agents of plant pathogens and genetic characterization.

  • Studies on crop protection strategies in cereals against casual agents of ear blight, to limit production of mycotoxins by various Fusarium spp.

  • Studies on epidemiology of selected pathogens including Alternaria sp. and economic impact of  their infestation on quality of rape seed.

  • Development of economic impact thresholds for economically important fungal diseases in agricultural  cropping systems.

  • Participation in the preparation of monographs dealing with integrated production of cultivated plants.

  • Detection and identification of Crazy Top disease caused by  Sclerophthora macrospore in maize crops in Poland.

  • Description of the incidence of corn smut (Sphacelotheca reiliana) throughout Poland.

  • Outreach to public audiences with information on plant protection in cereal, oilseed rape and maize crops in the form of  programmes, monographs, atlases, guides and professional, popular and scientific papers.

  • Courses in the field of plant protection for graduate and postgraduate students, advisory (extension) service workers, and for Plant Health and Seed Inspection workers as well as for farm and food industry and agricultural producers.

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Contact details

Contact details

Poland, 60-318 POZNAŃ, ul. Władysława Węgorka 20

phone no: +48 61 864 9000, fax: +48 61 867 63 01


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