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Head of the Department:
Prof. Jan Kozłowski, Ph.D. D.Sc
phone: + 48 61 864 9118

Scientists, engineers and technicians

Prof. Paweł Węgorek, Ph.D., D.Sc.
phone: + 48 61 864 9081

Renata Dobosz, Ph.D.
phone: + 48 61 864 9156

Joanna Zamojska, Ph.D.
phone: +48 61 864 9081

Franciszek Kornobis, Ph.D.
phone: +48 61 864 9080


Monika Jaskulska, M.Sc.
phone: +48 61 864 9084

Daria Dworzańska, M.Sc.
phone: +48 61 864 9081

Mrs. Jolanta Matuszczak
phone: + 48 61 864 9087

Mrs. Irena Nowacka
phone: +48 61 864 9064

Range of conducted research

  • Studies on agricultural crop protection against harmful species of: nematodes, snails, mites, insects, birds, rodents and game.

  • Studies on occurrence, biology, ecology, ethiology and pest harmfulness, and research on prevention and control methods.

  • The use of molecular biology techniques for pest diagnosis (detection, identification, genetic structure, population diversity ), and study of resistance mechanisms to applied plant protection products.

  • Evaluation of biological efficacy of: nematocides, moluscocides, acaricides, insecticides, rodenticides, repellents as well as development of recommendations for pesticide application.

  • Examination and monitoring of pest resistance to plant protection products.

  • Ethological research on vertebrate adaptation to repellents.

  • Investigation of pest food preferences and resistance of plant crop varieties to pest damage.

  • Counselling and expertise in pest control for: : nematodes, snails, mites, insects, birds, rodents and game.

Major accomplishments

  • Elaboration of biology, host plant range and harmfulness of various species of nematodes belonging to genera Globodera and Meloidogyne.

  • Description of morphometric and molecular variability of Polish nematode population – plant parasites in order to identify species being under law regulations, exemplified by Globodera rostochiensis.

  • Determination of damage limitation caused by snails with the use of preventative and cultural measures, granulated moluscocides as well as unconventional active compounds applied as seed dressing.

  • Elaboration and implementation of monitoring, forecast and control methods for the most important snail species based on ecology, behaviour and harmfulness in agricultural, horticultural, ornamental and herbal crops.

  • Elaboration of scientific and practice bases for control of the invasive species Arion lusitanicus.

  • Description of life cycles, harmfulness and biological factors influencing occurrence of various species of gal mites and spider mites on agricultural, horticultural, ornamental and herbal plants.

  • Description of rodent control methods involving biological factors and non-chemical measures.

  • Determination of major detoxification mechanisms for Colorado potato beetle and blossom beetle, and developed strategy for protection of potato and rape in order to limit their resistance to applied plant protection products.

  • Developed  recommendations for agricultural plant protection against game based on habitual aspects and instinctive patterns.

  • Elaboration of scientific papers and publications for general public.

  • Counselling and expertise in the field of zoology.

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Contact details

Contact details

Poland, 60-318 POZNAŃ, ul. Władysława Węgorka 20

phone no: +48 61 864 9000, fax: +48 61 867 63 01


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